30k Foot March Standards

11kg / 24lbs

Rucksack with content must weigh in at minimum 11 kg/24 lbs. at both the start and finish line.  Rucksack/backpack of military grade. Civilian participants can use a civilian version of the rucksack. Pack your ruck w/ nonperishable food & hygiene items to donate to those in need at the end of the march. 

30 km / 18.6 mi

Complete two laps around the Arden Hills Army Training Site.

4.35 hours

For males aged 18 to 20
Time standards vary based on gender and age bracket. 

30k Foot MArch Requirements

Age Group     Women Male
18-20     5h25m 4h35m
21-34     5h15m 4h30m
35-42     5h25m 4h35m
43-49     5h30m 4h40m
50-54     5h40m   4h50m
55-59     5h50m                          5h0m
60+       6h0m   5h15m

Distance course is 30 kilometers, or 18.6 miles long. Military members wishing to compete for the Norwegian Foot March Skill Insignia shall carry a pack weighing 11kg (24.3 lbs), excluding any water weight. Packs will be weighed immediately upon the completion of the course.

Skill Insignia

There are three levels of awards that military members can receive. Each subsequent award must be at least 12 months from receiving the previous award.  Those who complete the event to standard for the 1st time will receive the bronze pin. Those who complete the event to standard for the 2nd time will receive the silver pin. After completing the event a total of 5 times across 5 years to standard, competitors will have earned the gold pin. Bring documentation of previous completions in order to receive the correct pin.